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Version 1.22.3

General Updates

  • renamed SYN_ParameterCollection to Collection_DamageColors


  • removed OnModifierRemove dispatcher, replaced with OnModifierChange (the behavior will be the same)
  • added Custom Float Values
    Note: Experimental // They can be used to create dynamic float values quicker. They will be bound to the Modifier System automatically. Performance isn’t testet, so be careful what you do with it.
    • You can add a new Value in the details panel -> InitalCustomFloatValues
    • SetCustomFloatBaseValue -> set the base value of a custom float
    • GetCustomFloatValue -> get the value of a custom float


  • Removed Health and Shield Component
    Note: They were useless because it is possible to change the resource type in an instance. See DamageComponent for more Informations.


  • Added a function to search for health and shield components that save a reference on begin play (based on the ResourceType)
  • Changed damage calculation to use the saved components


  • Improved Stat UI (Shortcut -> TAB)


  • Floating damage text will appear when not using a shield component
  • Fixed an error when a actor that has been damaged, is destroyed while a floating damage text is on the screen

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