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Version 1.22.8

General Updates

  • Changed how the “current damage type” is selected in the FPS example
  • Added example buffs for increasing damage values
  • Grenades and the shoot function in the FPS example will now get their damage values from the damage component based on the damage type class
  • Added level and experience visualisation on the effect bar

Damage Updates

  • Damage Values can now be selected by damage type
  • Added a function “Get Damage Value Average from class” it takes a damage type class and returns the (average) Corresponding damage value
  • Damage values will be clamped when they are below 0
  • Damage processing will now modify damage with gameplay effects (only with classes based on GE_Duration_ProcessDamage)

Gameplay Updates

  • Added level and experience variables
  • Added function to increase experience
  • Added (level) scalings for effects, granades etc.


  • same effects from different instigators will not stack anymore
  • removed emitter from DT_Base (should not be there)

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