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Adding Widget Layers

Adding Layers

To Create a new layer you need to construct a widget and additionally you should initialize it before you add it to the widget manager.
It is possible to initialize it later, but it is easier to do it before.

Layer Informations:

  • Need Cursor Visibility – Set the input mode and cursor to menu mode when this widget layer is open
  • Widget Reference – The widget that is in this layer
  • Always on screen – incase the widget should be always on screen, widgets that are not in the manager are ignored, so you could also just add it to screen.
  • Hide Always On Screen widgets – Closes also widgets that are permanently visible, useful for transparent widgets (Close Other widgets when opening must be true)
  • Close Other widgets when opening – closes other layers except permanent layers when opening
  • Layer Index – The layer that is set, used as ZOrder and to get/open/close/toggle specific layers

Updating Widgets in a Layer

You can get the widget from a layer and cast it to a specific widget to update information directly on it.

I recommend to use an interface instead of casting to make it cleaner. I used a cast node so it is easier to understand.

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