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Merge Inventory and Quest System

This section describes how the inventory system and quest system can be merged.

Im using the Project from the default inventory project as a base.

Step 1 - Merge Project Files

Use the migration tool (Right-Click on the toplevel folder and select Migrate) to move all files and folders from the Quest System into the Project with the inventory system. 
You should end up with a folder structure similar to the image on the right.

Step 2 - Player Controller

Reparent the BP_Inventory_Controller to the BP_Quest_Controller.

Make sure the inventory controller is used in the game mode!

Step 3 - Character

Go into the BP_Character_InventoryExample and open the TryToInteract function.
Make sure the interaction is valid for the inventory and for the quest system.
If you havent merged the I_Interaction interface from both system you have to call both (see image)

If you want to play the quest example map with this character you should add the OnJumped and LeftMouseButton event that is used as a shoot function placeholder to your character.

Step 3 - Play

If you press Play you should be able to open the quest interface with the “L” Button.

If you play the quest example map make sure you select the inventory controller (that is reparented to the quest controller) and the correct character in the gamemode!

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