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Integration in new Project

This section describes how the Quest system can be integrated into a new project.

The third person example from epic games serves as the basis.

Step 1 - Merge Project Files

Use the migration tool (Right-Click on the toplevel folder and select Migrate) to move all files and folders from the Quest system into your project. You should end up with a folder structure similar to the image on the right.

Step 2 - GameMode

Change the Player Controller Class in the game mode to BP_QuestController.
If you already have a custom player controller you can reparent your controller to BP_QuestController.

Optional: Set the Default Pawn Class to BP_QuestPlayer. You can skip step 3 if you do that.

Step 3 - Character

Go Into your character (I use the ThirdPersonCharacter from the Third Person Template) and add the Interaction event on the left.

The OnJumped and Left Mouse Button Event is only neccessary if you want to play the example map with this character!
(Left Mouse is used as a placeholder for a shoot function)

Step 4 - Play

After pressing Play, you can use the input L to open the Quest UI and E to interact with NPC´s.

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