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Create Quest

Step 1 - Data Table Entry

Create a new data table with the S_Quest struct or use an existing data table and add a new row.
(If you create a new data table you have to add it to the DB_Quest_Composition)

Step 2 - Modify Quest Data

Data that has to be set:

  • QuestID must be unique and has to match the Row Name
  • QuestTasks are the tasks the player has to complete before the quest will be completable

Data that can be set but is not neccessary:

  • QuestName can be anything you want, but should not be to long or the text will not fit in the interface
  • Description paragraphs are the description of your quest
  • Item Rewards is a list of ID´s and amounts, you need an inventory to receive rewards.
  • ExperienceReward needs an actor or component that manages experience to work.
  • PrerequisiteQuests is a list of quests that need to be completed befor this quest will become available
  • CanBeAcceptedOnlyBy is a list of IDs (NPCs) that are authorized to offer this quest 
  • CanBeCompletedOnlyBy is a list of IDs (NPCs) that are authorized to complete this quest
    (If CanBeAcceptedOnlyBy and CanBeCompletedOnlyBy are not set, the quest can be accepted and completed by all NPCs that have this quest)
  • IsMainQuest is currently not used, you can use it to customize the look of the interface when looking at a main quest

Do not set:

  • IsComplete
  • IsActiveQuest
  • IsTracked

Step 3 - Make Quest Available

The simplest way to make a quest available is to add it to a NPC, but you could call “AcceptQuest” from a blueprint when entering a specific area for example to automatically accept a quest.

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