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Integration in new Project

This section describes how the inventory system can be integrated into a new project.

The third person example from epic games serves as the basis.

Step 1 - Merge Project Files

Use the migration tool (Right-Click on the toplevel folder and select Migrate) to move all files and folders from the Inventory system into your project. You should end up with a folder structure similar to the image on the right.

Step 2 - GameMode

Change the Player Controller Class in the game mode to BP_InventoryController.
If you already have a custom player controller you can reparent your controller to BP_InventoryController.

Optional: Set the Default Pawn Class to BP_Character_InventoryExample. You can skip step 3 if you do that.

Step 3 - Character

Open the BP_Character_InventoryExample and delete the “Basic Third Person Character Nodes” and the float variables “BaseTurnRate” and “BaseLookUpRate”.
Additionally you should delete the CameraBoom and FollowCamera.**

Next, go Into your character (I use the ThirdPersonCharacter from the Third Person Template) and Reparent it to the BP_Character_InventoryExample.

Step 4 - Play

After pressing Play, the UI should be constructed and you can use the input I to open the inventory, E to interact with items etc. (Detailed Information about the inputs are in the example map)

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