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Create Item

Step 1 - Data Table

Create a new entry in one of the item data tables (DB_Items_Armor, DB_Items_Armor, DB_Items_Weapons, DB_Items_Consumables,…) and set the item defaults.

Variable NameDescription
IDDoes not need to be set, it will be set when you add a item to the inventory. The id of a item will match the row name.
NameName of the item, can be anything
IconIcon of the item in the inventory
ItemLevelNot used for any calculations
QualityQuality of the item, only used for the color in the inventory
TypeType of the item. Used to filter the inventory by type
EquipmentSlotPossible equipment slot.
Equipment SK_MeshSkeletal mesh that can be used to update the characters armor.
RequiredLevelNot used at the moment
StackSizeCurrent Stack size, dont need to be set in data tables
MaxStackSizeMax Stack size of the item
Statsstats that will be calculated to the equipment stats if equipped
RemoveStackOnUseFalse if you want the item not to be removed on use (equipment)
MustBeEquippedToBeUsedTrue if the item must be in a equipment slot in order to be used
ItemEffectthe effect that will be added to the owner on use (Will be updated to a UObject class, but must be a GE_Base subclass!)
ApplyEffectOnEquipTrue if the effect should be applied when equipping the item and removed when unequipping (must be an infinite effect to be work properly)
Cooldown IDCooldown ID that is used to identify the cooldown
CooldownCooldown in seconds
FlavourTextYellow text at the bottom of the item info
WorldActorWorld mesh that will be set in the world actor to represent this item
SellableTrue will make the item sellable (Cannot be bought if the item is not added to the shop, in the default shop all items are available)
UsedCurrencyThe Currency that is used as sell and buy price
BuyingPricePrice to buy this item
SellingPricePrice to sell this item
CraftableTrue to make this item available at the crafting station
Crafting InfoInfo about the crafting time and used materials (Name=Item ID, Int=Amount)

Step 2 - World Item

Place an Item (BP_WorldItem or BP_WorldItem_Static) in the map and set the ID to the created Item Row.

  • BP_WorldItem ⇒ Used mainly for dynamic items that have physics (Spawned when dropping items from the inventory)
  • BP_WorldItem_Static ⇒ Used mainly for placement of items that dont have physics.

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