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Create Equipment Slot

Step 1 - Enumeration Entry

Create a new entry in E_EquipmentTypes that describes your new slot.
You don´t need to create multiple entries for the same type, e.g. you only need to add “ring” even if you want the character to equip “ring 1” and “ring 2”.

Step 2 - Expand Inventory Component

Open your character blueprint and add the new entry to the array “Equipment Slots” from the Inventory Component.

Step 3 - Create UI Slot

Open the WBP_CharacterBox and duplicate one of the inventory slots.
Set the inventory slot in the details panel to the inventory slot this widget should represent.

You can set the Background by checking “SetBackgroundIcon” and selecting a texture.

The other variables should not be changed.


Go into the event graph and add the widget slot reference to the array to initilize it on start up.


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