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Integration in new Project

This section describes how the DRS system can be integrated into a new project.

The first person example from epic games serves as the basis.

Step 1 - Merge Project Files

Use the migration tool (Right-Click on the toplevel folder and select Migrate) to move all files and folders from the DRS system into your project. You should end up with a folder structure similar to the image on the right.

Step 2 - User Interface

Create a new widget and add 2× WBP_ResourceBar and one WBP_GameplayEffectBar to the canvas panel.

Next go into the event graph and add the nodes on the right to the “EventConstruction”.
The Variables “HealthComponent”, “ShieldComponent” and “GameplayComponent” can be added to the default variables.

Step 3 - Character

Go Into your character (I use the FirstPersonCharacter from the First Person Template) and Reparent it to the BP_DRS_BaseCharacter.

On BeginPlay Initiate the Resource components, construct the user UI and add it to the viewport.
The Components for the UI can be selected from the character component list.

Step 4 - Play

After pressing Play, the UI should be constructed and you should see the health and shield values.

You can use the new pawn in the example map to test gameplay effects.

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