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Retarget Animations

This section describes how to retarget animations from the Paragon characters available in the epic marketplace.

Step 1 - Add Assets

Add a paragon character pack to the project.
The animations should fit roughly to the character.
I donĀ“t recommend to use the default mannequin animations or male paragon characters in general.

Character like Aurora or Shinbi have much closer proportions and need less adjustments.

Step 2 - Retargeting

Right click the imported animation and select “Retarget Anim Asset” -> “Duplicate Anim Assets and Retarget”.

Uncheck the “Show Only Compatible Skeletons” if you have not setup rigs for both skeletons in the retarget manager (The bone names match the Paragon characters, so you dont need that at the moment)

Make sure “Convert Spaces to new Skeleton” is checked and click “Retarget”.

Step 3 - Adjustments

If some bones are not correct you can adjust the position of the bone and add a key. If you only add one key (I recommend to do it at frame 0), the bone will be offset for the complete animation.

Step 4 - Retarget Options

All skeletons have the option to use the skeleton or animation space when using retargeted animations.
The options should be on animation for the root and pelvis, all other spaces should be in skeleton space.

You can change that if needed but most animations will look better in skeleton space.

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