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Items are stored in data tables. I Recommend to use multiple tables to manage a large amount of quests. e.g. create one data table for every quest line and add them to the composition data table

Variable NameDescription
QuestIDUnique Quest ID (Has to match the data table row name)
QuestNameThe name of the quest
Decription paragraphsThe description of the quest
QuestTasksA list of all quest tasks
IsCompletedWill be set to true if all quest tasks are complete (not set if the quest task array length is ==0)
Item RewardsOnly Visual, need a inventory to use it
Experience RewardOnly Visual, need a component/actor to use it
IsActiveQuestTrue if the quest is currently active
IsMainQuestNot used currently, could be used to alternate the look of the widget if it is a main quest
PrerequisiteQuestsQuest ID´s that are required to accept this quest
IsTrackedIs this quest currently tracked/should be tracked
CanBeAcceptedOnlyByID list (of NPCs) that can offer this quest
CanBeCompletedOnlyByID list (of NPCs) that can complete this quest

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