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Quest Component

Clients can not securely access some functions and need to use the equivilant “SERVER // ” event to execute these functions.
Normally clients send a interface message to the controller and the controller sends a event to the server to execute the request. (See example quest controller)

IsQuestActive?Returns true if the quest is active
FindActiveQuestReturns the first quest with this ID
Load Player ProgressLoad active and completed quest
CanQuestBeAccepted?Returns true if the quest can be accepted (requirements are meet)
UpdateQuestListWithPlayerProgressUpdates an array of quests with player progress
UpdateInterfaceReferenceLoads a new interface reference in the component
UpdateAvailableQuestsUpdates the available quests in the interface
AddActiveQuestAdd a new active quest to the quest array
AddQuestTaskAmountAdds quest task amount to all valid and active quests
RemoveActiveQuestRemoves a quest from the quest array
CompleteQuestRemoves a quest from the quest array (should be used to grand the player items and experience)
TrackQuestSet a quest to tracked
UpdateQuestTasksTry to add an amount to a quest task array
Are all Tasks Complete?Return true if all tasks are complete
HasCompletedQuests?Return true if player has completed all quests
FilterQuestArrayFilter invalid quests (already completed quests or quests that are not accaptable at the moment)
OpenQuestInterfaceOpens the quest interface
CloseQuestInterfaceClose the quest interface
ToggleQuestInterfaceToggle the quest interface
CloseNPCQuestInterfaceClose the quest interface for NPC´s
OpenNPCQuestInterfaceOpens the quest interface for NPC´s
ToggleNPCQuestInterfaceToggle the quest interface for NPC´s
OnRep_ActiveQuestsCalled when the Active Quest array is updated

Variable NameDescription
ActiveQuestsAll currently active quests
CompletedQuestsAll completed quest ID´s
AutoTrackingQuestsAuto set isTracked when activating a quest
MaxActiveQuestsMaximum of acceptable quests to a given time
InterfaceLayoutLayoutInformation, used to find the correct widgets to open/close

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