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Create Equipment Slot

Step 1

Create a new entry in E_EquipmentTypes that describes your new slot.
You don´t need to create multiple entries for the same type, e.g. you only need to add “ring” even if you want the character to equip “ring 1” and “ring 2”.

Step 2

Open your character blueprint and edit the inventory component variable “Equipment Slots”.
Add your slot and save everything.

Step 3 - Create UI Slot

Open the WBP_CharacterBox and duplicate one of the inventory slots.
Set the inventory slot to the new created slot.
The equipment slots are the first X slots in the inventory, with the example of step 2: 

0 – Head Slot
1 – Body Slot
2 – Gloves Slot
3 – Leg Slot
4 – Boots Slot
5 – Neck Slot
6 – Ring Slot
7 – Ring Slot (Both ring slots can be used with the same item type, all stats will be calculated together)
8 – Weapon Slot
9+ – Normal Inventory slots

You can change the background icon if you want.

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