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Create Craftable

Step 1

Add a new row to one of the crafting data tables (DB_Crafting_Armor, DB_Crafting_Consumables,…)

The Row name and crafted item name should be equal.

Crafted Item – The exact item ID from the one of the item data tables
Crafting amount – the crafted amount in a single craft
Materials – the needed items (the int value is the amount)
Crafting time – currently only used in the UI to play a animation and craft the item when finished

Step 2

In the Inventory example map is a crafting station that opens the crafting widget.
You can use it to test the crafting of the new recipe.

If your item does not show up make sure you spelled all items correctly (e.g. E_Body_001 is not the same as Body_001!) and the crafted item must exist in one of the item data tables.

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