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Resource Component

Server Only does not mean they can only be executed on servers. Server Only mean that clients can not securely access this function and need to use the equivilant “SERVER // ” event to execute these functions.

Function NameServerOnlyDescription
Get BaseRegenertionDelayNoReturn the base regeneration delay
Get BaseRegenerationIntervalNoReturn the base regeneration interval
Get BaseRegenerationValueNoReturn the base regeneration value
Get BaseMaxValueNoReturn the base max value
GetBaseResourceStealNoReturn the base resource steal
Reduce ResourceYesReduce the resource by x
Increase ResourceYesIncrease the resource by x
Get ValueNoReturn the current resource value
Get MaxValueNoReturn the current resource max value
Get IsRegeneratingNoReturn the current regeneration status
Get Regeneration ValueNoReturn the current regeneration value
Get Regeneration DelayNoReturn the current regeneration delay
Get Regeneration IntervalNoReturn the current regeneration interval
Get ResourceTypeNoReturn the current resource type
Get Resource StealNoReturn the current resource steal
Initiate ValuesYesInitiate all values with the inital values
RecalculateValueYesRecalculate a specific value
RecalculateRegenerationDelayYesRecalculate the regeneration delay
RecalculateRegenerationIntervalYesRecalculate the regeneration interval
RecalculateRegenerationValueYesRecalculate the regeneration value
RecalculateMaxValueYesRecalculate the max value
ResourceTypeThe resource type, used to determine the modifier when recalculationg
Use RegenerationShould start regeneration when possible
StopRegenerationOnChangeStop the regeneration when the resource value changes? for example on damage
StopRegenerationOnlyOnNegativChangeStop the regeneration only when the change is negativ
InitialRegenerationIntervalInital regeneration interval
InitialRegenerationDelayInital regeneration delay to restart the regeneration after stop
InitialRegenerationValueInital regeneration value per tick
InitialMaxValueInital max value
MinDelayBetweenTicksMin delay between regeneration ticks (must be >0 or the regeneration can stop when it should not)
TryToUseLifeStealRegenerate resource when the owner deals damage
InitialResourceStealpercentage of the damage that will be restored as resource
RegenerationIntervalCurrent regeneration interval
RegenerationDelayCurrent regeneration delay
RegenerationValueCurrent regeneration value
ValueCurrent value
MaxValueCurrent max value
BaseRegenerationIntervalCurrent base regeneration interval
BaseRegenerationDelayCurrent base regeneration delay
BaseRegenerationValueCurrent base regeneration value
BaseMaxValueCurrent base max value
RegenerationTimerHandleTimer handle for the regeneration
IsRegeneratingIs the regeneration currently active?
IsRegenerationInvalid?Set to true to prevent the regeneration to start even if UseRegeneration is true
ResourceStealCurrent resource steal (in percentage)
BaseResourceStealCurrent base resource steal (in percentage)

The extend version of this component try┬┤s to find a inventory in the same owner. If it finds a inventory it will use the base values from the inventory instead of its own!

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