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Gameplay Effects

Gameplay effects only work correctly in singleplayer or on the server

Function NameClassDescription
Get GUIDGE_BaseReturns the unique identifier for this gameplay effect
Get GameplayEffectInfoGE_BaseReturns all relevant informations
IncrementStackGE_BaseAdds a stack
Get StacksGE_BaseReturn the current stacks
Get DurationGE_BaseReturn the duration
SetStartTimerGe_DurationStarts the timer (do not override!)
Variable NameDescription
TargetComponentThe target gameplay effects component, used for removing effect
InstigatorController of the actor that caused the effect
CauserActor that caused the effect
TargetActorTarget Actor
Unique IdentifierUnique identifier for removing the effect
Short DescriptionDescription (currently not used anymore, but can be used to send a message)
CreationTimeApply time of the effect in game time
IsUniqueblocks other effects with the same class when true
DurationDuration of the effect in seconds
LongDescriptionLong description, used in item description etc.
Slate BrushBrush for usage in the buff bar
IsStackableIs the effect stackable?
StacksCurrent stacks
MaxStacksMax stacks

There are different types of gameplay effects.

  • GE_Duration for effects that last x seconds
  • GE_Ticking for effects that last x seconds and tick y times in this time
  • GE_Duration_DamageProcessing can be used for shield effects / absorbs / damage reduction

  • GE_Duration_ApplyModifier can be used for increasing/decreasing stats
  • GE_Ticking_DamageOverTime can be used for damage effects
  • GE_OneTimeEffect is a base class for one time effects, they will only execute the start function

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