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Gameplay Component

Server Only does not mean they can only be executed on servers. Server Only mean that clients can not securely access this function and need to use the equivilant “SERVER // ” event to execute these functions.

Function NameServer OnlyDescription
Add GameplayEffectReferenceYesAdd a gameplay effect reference (Do not use this! Use Apply Gameplay effect in the library)
Remove GameplayEffectReferenceYesRemoves a reference and initiate the GC
GetActiveGameplayEffectReferencesYesReturns all active gameplay effects
Add ModifierYesAdd a modifier to the stack
Remove ModifierYesRemove a modifier from the stack
Get ActiveModifierYesReturn all active modifier
Get ExperienceNoReturn current experience
Increase ExperienceYesIncrease the experience, automatically adds level when the condition is mett
Get LevelNoReturn the current level
Add CooldownReferenceYesAdds a cooldown reference
Get ActiveCooldownReferencesYesReturn all active cooldown references
Remove CooldownReferenceYesRemove a cooldown from the stack
Variable NameDescription
GameplayEffectsReferencesGameplayeffect Stack
ActiveModifierModifier Stack
ModifierRemovedBufferBuffer that is used because of replication lag
ModifierActiveBufferBuffer that is used because of replication lag
ActiveCooldownsCurrent cooldown stack
ExperienceCurrent experience
LevelCurrent level
DexteritePointsExperimental, should not be there
StaminaPointsExperimental, should not be there

The extend version of this component try┬┤s to find a inventory in the same owner. If it finds a inventory it will use the base values from the inventory instead of its own!

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