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Function Library

Function NameDescription
CalculateDamageCalculate Damage with Resistance and Penetration Values
CalculateChanceCalculation for crit etc
CalculateShootTraceCalculate simple shoot trace with accuracy
Get Damage Value Average from classCalculates the average damage based on this damage type
CalculateValueCalculate the Value with Modifiers
ApplyModifierApply a new Modifier to Actor and return a Identification to remove it later
Remove ModifierRemove a modifier with this identification
ApplyGameplayEffectApply GameplayEffect to an Actor
RemoveAllGameplayEffectsRemoves all gameplay effects from this actor
RemoveGameplayEffectRemove a single gameplay effect from actor
ApplyCooldownApply a cooldown with id and duration
IsCooldownActiveCheck if a cooldown is active (only server)
Get Needed ExperienceGet the needed experience to level up
Is Valid LevelCheck if the input level is a valid player level
Apply Scaling To Float ValueApplys a scaling based on a curve to a float value
Recalculate Value by ReferenceRecalculate a value and set it to the reference

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