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Damage Component

Server Only does not mean they can only be executed on servers. Server Only mean that clients can not securely access this function and need to use the equivilant “SERVER // ” event to execute these functions.

Function NameDescription
Recalculate ValueRecalculates a specific value
Recalculate Value by ReferenceRecalculates a value and store the output in the reference
Load ResistanceValuesLoad the initial/default resistance values
Load PenetrationValuesLoad the initial/default penetration values
SearchHealthAndShieldComponentSearch for a health and shield component in the owning actor
Process DamageProcess damage (calculation, reducing resources)
Load DamageValuesLoad the initial/default damage values
Get ResistanceGet the current resistance
Get BaseResistanceGet the current base resistance
Get BasePenetrationGet the current base penetration
Get PenetrationGet the current penetration
Get CritChanceGet the current crit chance
Get BaseCritChanceGet the current base crit chance
Get CritDamageGet the current crit damage
Get BaseCritDamageGet the current base crit damage
Get DamageValueGet the current damage value
Get BaseDamageValueGet the current base damage value
Get Dodge ChanceGet the current dodge chance
Get Base Dodge ChanceGet the current base dodge chance
Get Block ChanceGet the current block chance
Get Base Block ChanceGet the current base block chance
Get Block Damage MultiplierGet the current block damage mulitplier
Get Base Block Damage MultiplierGet the current base block damage multiplier
Variable NameDescription
Crit ChanceCurrent crit chance
Crit DamageCurrent crit damage
ResistanceValuesCurrent resistance values (index = byte value)
PenetrationValuesCurrent resistance values (index = byte value)
BaseCritChanceCurrent base crit chance
BaseCritDamageCurrent base crit damage
BaseResistanceValuesCurrent resistance values (index = byte value)
BasePenetrationValueCurrent resistance values (index = byte value)
BaseDamageValueCurrent resistance values (index = byte value)
DamageValueCurrent resistance values (index = byte value)
BaseDodgeChanceCurrent base dodge chance
DodgeChanceCurrent dodge chance
BaseBlockChanceCurrent base block chance
BlockChanceCurrent block chance
BlockDamageMultipierCurrent block damage multiplier
BaseBlockDamageMultipierCurrent base block damage multiplier
InitialResistanceValuesInital resistance values
DefaultResistanceDefault resistance value if no initil value is specified
InitialPenetrationValuesInital penetration values
DefaultPenetrationDefault penetration value if no initil value is specified
InitialDamageValueInital damage values
Default Damage ValueDefault damage value if no initil value is specified
InitialCritChanceInital crit chance
InitialCritDamageInital crit damage
InitialDodgeChanceInital dodge chance
InitialBlockChanceInital block chance
InitialBlockDamageMultipierInital block damage multiplier
SpawnDamageTextShould this component spawn damage text when it applys damage?
SpawnOnlyCritSpawn only crit (usefull for very high spawn rates to improve performance)
IsDeadIs the player dead? only set if AutoDeath is true.
AutoDeathSets IsDead to true if the health component drops to <=0. has no effect on the player ability to walk etc.
HealthComponentAutomatic found health component in the owner
ShieldComponentAutomatic found shield component in the owner

The extend version of this component try┬┤s to find a inventory in the same owner. If it finds a inventory it will use the base values from the inventory instead of its own!

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